Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Monday, April 23, 2012

What's In The Box

Pay stubs
from first job.
Out of school,
got my degree,
ready for the real world.

But real world is scary.
No more dorm life.
Everybody's leaving
to find their own way.
Connections are lost.

Was in a comfort zone,
regarded as a leader at school.
Now down at the bottom
trying to learn
corporate culture.

Trying to learn
where to go,
what to do,
when to be
where I need to be.

This is my life.
No longer a kid anymore.
Girls now call me
"sir" or "mister".
I'm a man now.


Brian Miller said...

ha if only...i remember those first stumbling steps out of school...hard to find where you fit as you face the big wide world...nice capture...

Outlawyer said...

First, I adore your montage at the top--very very funny.

I really enjoyed your poem too--so difficult when the ladder is taken away and the next steps are so unclear. You've described well. K>

Outlawyer said...

Agh! "Outlawyer" is me, Manicddaily -

Outlawyer is an old blog I don't use but blogger sometimes makes me use it. Sorry! Take care, K.

Mark Windham said...

lost in the big wide world, learning to be a drone. :) A new and different place. Nice write

My Sis is in Richmond, been there since moving there to go to VCU. I spent 3 very fun and unproductive quarters at Tech, I think...memories kind of fuzzy. ;-)