Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Definition – (n.) One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature

She says
just talk to me
as if that is all
a man needs to stay
interested, conversations
and nothing more.
She says
that is all he’ll get,
that sex is not
the end result,
not the target of
a man’s mind.
What’s the fear?
A phallus aimed
directly at her,
eager to penetrate
her inner workings
and reach her mind
in terms of passion
and not of ideas?
So a man is
supposed to sit and
talk about the ways
the wind blows and
take no interest in
wanting to get
to know her on
a more personal level?
Good luck with that.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Game

is not
how I thought
this story would
turn out, me being
on the outside looking
in on unions happening
right before my eyes and all I
had to show for myself was a
feeling of being left out of it all.
I had no choice but to leave that place.  There
was nothing left to accomplish by
continuing to sit there and
feel sorry for myself.  I
walked away from it all,
time already being
too late. I grabbed
my ball and

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Party Time

A drunk freshman
and a wine bottle
sat like bosom buddies
on the curb right at
the bus stop sign.
It was her first weekend
away from home, away
from parental and neighborhood
eyes who had watched over her
from the time she was born
until now.  She had been
everyone’s good girl but here
in this college town she
couldn’t wait to taste her
first alcoholic freedom.
But a first time sometimes
isn’t a good time for limitations
are like crossing over
foreign borders without knowing
the customs or the language.
So she sits in a half stupor,
her friends trying to keep
her head bowed between her
parted legs just in case
she needs to vomit,
keeping her shielded from
city cop cruisers passing by,
ready to take in any young
inebriated student for
public drunkenness.  But
no one passes by except a
car full of sorority sisters who
see this sight of freshman
misery and break out in
annoying laughter for they
remember being a part of this
drunken spectacle a time before.
Now they find it somewhat
funny that the college party cycle
has begun once again.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Friend Out West

It’s always been
about a woman.
He’s never made
any moves without
some possibility of
keeping his bed
warm.  My friend
told me he’s now
out west all because
of someone he knew, said
it didn’t work out and
now he’s trying to make
the best of it.  I
told my friend to say
no more for I already
knew how this story went.
He’ll stay out there
just as long as he can
get laid for he tends to
find more beds when he’s
adrift.  But I knew he’d
decide to go somewhere else
right when he finds himself
running low on sexual healing.