Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Monday, April 16, 2012

Political Candidates 101

Today's statement is that there is no statement
and tomorrow's will remain the same
because what is being said has been said before,
nothing more than a cliched game.

The soundbites are carefully phrased
at the optimal time and event.
The kingmakers know the public does not read
but prefers the package and how they present

because if what is presented appears noble and true
then the public will always take to it well
and everything else that the kingmakers present
becomes a much easier sell.

No one really cares about the truth or the lies
because the line between the two has been erased.
All that matters is the one out front playing the role,
the one with the personality and the photogenic face,

and don't forget the family that stands behind,
dressed so well and with smiles so bright.
They look so perfect and ready for their close up.
So let them all stand together in front of the lights.


Joseph Hesch said...

Great take on selling the sizzle and not the steak at the highest (allegedly) levels of our society. Well crafted, Vernon. ~ j

Brian Miller said...

haha brother, so true...this is the silly season where they make all their promises, the ones they never intend to keep and mean nothing unless backed by their backers....

hey i wrote about being in RVA for my OLN and walking your town...

joanna said...

you've worked the edits in marvelously, vernon. i think this version reads quite a bit smoother.

Charles Miller said...

Sadly, I believe this is too true. Politics has become that movie that Robert Redford played in back in the late 60s, I think. The Selling of the President. However, I do hold out hope that it will change, though there might be some major upheaval required. Your poem is very precise and artfully produced.