Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Church Service

Church just wouldn't be church
without thngs bring done at the last minute.
It proved true once again
as I heard the joy in the voice
of the Homecoming Committee chair
when I agreed to be in the program.
I know how these things work.
It's a "call who you know
and pray to God they say yes" method.
and so I got the call
with the chair praying to God I say yes.
And I reluctantly did say yes
because I know
church just wouldn't be church
without that long standing tradition
of Homecoming,
singing the same songs,
praying the same prayers,
reading the same verses,
and going through the same program
all because it's been done
time and time again,
the way that our parents and grandparents
did it before.
But sometimes the younger generation
may not want that all of the time
and they'll fidget through another service
wishing to be somewhere else.
As for me,
I've been called to do my part
and I'll be there for Homecoming because
church just wouldn't be church
without member participation.


It's not being Worship Leader during Homecoming that bothers me.
It's being a part of tradition that does.
Tradition says we follow the same path as we have gone before,
honor our forefathers and continue their practices,
sing their songs and pray their prayers,
and teach the young the same things so
they can continue on the same road.
But tradition also shows that there
are no left and right-hand turns,
no need for maps or navigational tools,
just stay on the road
and never get off.
But for the sake of my restless being
and this insatiable desire of mine to release
the multitude of words and ideas screaming inside me,
I need to go another route.
Not because I don't respect and appreciate
what tradition has meant along the way,
but because I know what tradition can do to people,
especially the minds of those who march
with a different cadence.
Tradition wants them to put their drums down
and sit passively and obediently,
following along to what's been dictated
as tried and true
all the while watching the new day
leave everyone behind in the dust.
So I'll do my part and participate on this day
but my stay will not be a long one
for once I leave and head along my way,
I'm back to swimming in the seas
of new and expansive horizons.


Somebody will probably
bitch until high heaven
knowing that order
has been upset.

It's only a week, people.

Maybe things won't work
at a world record pace,
but work will go on.
Maybe it'll go a
bit slower and a
little less perfect.

But stay calm.

All of your deadlines will be met,
you submittals will go out,
and the office
I'm sure will still be a happy place.

So I'll see you in a week.

And by the way,
don't bother calling.
I won't be answering.

Class Attendance

The pause always told me
the teacher was about to call my name.
And there I was
in the back of the class
assigned to the last desk
of the last row
waiting to see if
this teacher just might be able
to get my name right.
The pause continued
for what felt like a lifetime
and then
I couldn't wait any longer
"It's Wildy, ma'am.
Then the pause emerged once more
as she registered in her head
how I pronouced my name.
"Wildy?" she asked.
"Yes ma'am," I replied.
She noted it in the attendance book
and continued on.
School is now in session.