Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Chilly April Morning

The weatherman said
April should feel like this.
But to me, it feels more like
late February or early March
when you're supposed to
feel a chill in the air.
But then again, when it was
that time it felt more like
it should during May.  Even
Mother Nature was fooled as
the flowers bloomed early,
thinking that April showers
had come and gone and
it was time to make
their springtime appearance.

But I had to also remember
that April is tricky.  In my
college days in Blacksburg,
I remember when April could
snow like January and
swelter like June, all within
the span of twenty-four hours.
Students went from being
bundled up in coats to
basking in bathing suits
without skipping a beat,
but still wondering
what the hell Mother Nature
was up to.

Today is not one
of those crazy swings in temperature,
just a steady wind and a
touch of cold in the air.
That's a warning to those
ready to skip through spring
and head directly into summer.
Today is Mother Nature's way of saying:

"Hold up.  
We're not there yet.  
You still have days to 
have your teeth chatter
as you welcome in the baseball season.  
Don't try to cheat and 
plant your flowers early.  
You will pay dearly."


Brian Miller said...

dude baseball is the first true sign of spring for me...but yeah, i remember those days of april snow...and i still think its coming...maybe...smiles...see you on the 13th

Ruth said...

nice - April is tricky alright, just as you say... and I remember last year when it snowed on pear blossoms (and every other king, but the pear lives outside my window)

Truedessa said...

Interesting, how mother nature does her own thing and we really are at her mercy. So, bask in the sunny days and dream away a cloudy day and seek shelter on stormy day.

Charles Miller said...

Hmmm... this is really clearly written, like a slow walk on a sunny path, basking in the day and accepting it for what it is, though here it's what it isn't. :)