Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I’m Not A Monster

I feel like a monster
though I’ve done
nothing wrong.
But that doesn’t matter
when the stories
plastered on news screens
all say the same thing:

Look at what the bad man
did to the woman.

Most men agree that
the bad men are bad.
But somehow all men
have become monsters
Now they are forced
to repent for the sin
of being a male.

Maybe the best thing to do
is cancel all relationships.

Let’s tell men and women
to stay away from each other
or wear signs that say
at least until the talking heads
stop with their onslaught
of pushing their agendas.

Many would say I’m crazy
but I don’t think so.

Simply stating masculinity
is looked at with disgust.
Now guys stare into cameras
and tell the world
they’re sorry, even for crimes
they did not commit.  I refuse
to join with the group.

I am a man and I should be
able to be just that.

Old Drawings

No one really thinks
about what time
can do to paper.
History becomes
more yellow by the day
as past plans drawn
by the steadiest of
architectural hands
fade away, time
eroding the lines,
making the notations
harder to read.
They keep
documented history
locked away in storage
in units far away and
out of sights so that
new construction can be
shown in digital format.
But when they
dig back into the archives,
they will find that
time has a way of
making history