Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ode To Poetry

No matter how far I stray
I must return to you
for we’ve walked together along this way
a journey of which you’ve remained true.

I’ve dabbled here and there and at times
I took detours to find other routes.
Even then you were patient, waiting for me to find
what was there and the results that came about.

But in the end, I’ve always returned
and you waited for me with open arms,
knowing there were things I needed to learn
and the lessons gathered caused no harm

but enhanced the journey we continue to share

toward unchartered horizons out there.


Corporate raiders
become moral messengers
as they post PR campaigns
to lecture the masses
on what’s right and wrong.
With talking points
so aesthetically pleasing
no one would dare
disagree with any statements,
they set out to establish
a new paradigm based on
their utopian visions
with the assurance
the masses will follow.
But the smart ones know better.
They can see through
the slick marketing tactics
and generic scripts to
find an agenda that rings
too hollow and brings
no real solutions.
They know many will follow
just because the message
sounds good, but they
know those foolish souls are
heading into a barren valley
while they search for
more fertile land.