Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Death of Your Childhood

The worst thing to watch
is your childhood saying goodbye.
The ones you used to watch on TV,
figures than seem to be
bigger than life, the ones
you used to stop everything for
so you could see them in action
and then find yourself jumping
up and down trying to imitate
the very moves you just saw

much to the ire of your parents.
But you didn't care.
These were your heroes on the tube,
fighting the good fight
and prevailing in the end.  You
just hoped that one day,
one day you could grow up
and be just as big and strong as
the guys you saw on TV and then
you could be out there with them.

But time moves on and reality says
you didn't get to become big and
strong like your heroes, you ended up
just like everyone else.  But then
you find out that your heroes
weren’t as heroic as you remember.
Behind the aura of flash and muscle
they were just as human as you,
flawed and vulnerable, seeking
love and acceptance, just wanting to be

normal.  Seeing them limp their way
through the current phases of their lives
make you somewhat sad because
it only reminds you that time marches on
and no one can stay forever young,
not them and especially not you.
But seeing them reminds you of that
special time of innocence when you
felt just as super as they and that
there’s nothing wrong with feeling super.

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