Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Can't See You

I can’t see you and I
realize it’s best for me
to stop trying. You
are an elusive sort and
it’s not for the right reasons.
I know you have much to say
but you try to be so damn
abstract, thinking a video
of a lake or a picture of
your shadow is saying something.

I can’t see you and now I
know I never have.  The signs,
they were there from the start,
the moment you threw up
that roadblock the night I asked
all those questions about you.
I only wanted to know you a
little better but there you were
in a defensive posture saying,
“Don’t get any closer.”

I tried to be your friend and I
know others who have tried
just as much as I, but you
keep running away, always
finding some sort of crossroads.
Did it really exist or did you
redraw the road map to
give yourself an exit plan,
a way out so someone
could never get in.

I’m tired of the chase, tired
of walking through mazes and
all around empty streets hoping
you would show your face for
more than a second.  Others
have done the same and gone on
with their lives.  I hope you can
realize that guarding whatever it is
you are will lead to a lonely place
where no one bothers to see you.

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