Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Old Preacher

All he wanted
was to get to the pulpit,
to find a way to move
his frail body one step
at a time to where
he gave so many sermons.
Even as time has worn
down his body, his mind
and his spirit stand strong,
carrying him along,
steadying him on his walker,
slowing reaching his destination.
The other ministers help him
take each step up until he
gets to the pulpit and sees
the people waiting for a lesson
and he becomes one with God,
frailties no more and he
stands straight again, ready
to preach the Word.



Natasha Head said...

To have such faith...such commitment. To know you are doing what you are here to do. You present us with an exceptional character Vernon...all senses engaged to bring his image to life. Bravo!

Brian Miller said...

smiles...makes me think of those old preachers that have spent a life in service, their faces all creased, eyes giving out and yellowed behind glass...and speak soft...yeah i know this guy...smiles.

hey i will see you next week...just saying...

mrs mediocrity said...

This is the joy that comes from doing something you love, it makes you ageless, timeless.
Nice work!

Claudia said...

this made me think of moses when he needed help to hold up his arms during the battle.. love how this old preacher's words still have power even though his body is weak