Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Morning Time In The Office

The ladies all gather around their coworker and marvel
at the nice rock that adorns her finger.  They get
an infectious case of giddiness as she announces
that her boyfriend proposed to her.  Her moment
has the cubicle cheering and I'm starting to wonder:

Maybe I could chance it and scream out loud right now.
But I keep my mouth shut and speedwalk
past the celebration for I was in no mood
to smile and join in the festivities.
Call me a grumpy man if you want,

but I realized that stopping by to offer
the briefest of congratulations would only
prove to me that in this environment, my task here
is to go along with the flow.  In fact, that's my
only real task for the week.  Talk about vacations

and baseball games and upcoming projects.
Yesterday was the last day I got to be
outwardly honest for a while.  I shared
parts of myself with a lady in a downtown
coffee shop, things that I usually keep to myself

but somehow started to fall out of my mouth.
Maybe she brought a level of comfort
to the public atmosphere where we sat,
where I didn't have to worry about
keeping a public face and a calm demeanor.

I shared and she listened and I probably
could've gone on forever.  But closing time
stopped this makeshift nirvana from continuing.
We said our goodbyes and went along
our separate ways, and I knew

as I walked further down the city streets
heading toward my car to drive off
away from here onto my residence of
Suburbia that a moment like that
will have to last for a while.


Brian Miller said...

smiles. sadly is seldom we truly get to let our guard down so when we get teh chance it is a sweet moment for sure...and def not at the office...smiles...

cronk said...

I would want to scream out loud with you. Going along with the flow is highly overrated.
By the way I love your header (what people think you do) - very funny.
I'm Anne Katherine from bootlesscries at wordpress - thanks for visiting my blog!

Mark Windham said...

lovin' this, hating the office life at the moment and all of the 'pretend' conversations and forced friendliness.

sharonlee said...

Haunting reflection of life... ships that pass, day & night...

Enjoyed this.

Alex Dissing said...

Honestly, I take advantage of loud sounds so I can be loud myself - mowing the yard always turns into a concert, etc. So I had to laugh at you thinking about screaming out loud. I liked how you said the words began to fall out of your mouth... really made a lot of sense to me. I enjoyed this, very nice to meet you.

Natasha Head said...

Thank you for sharing that moment with us in such a candid and well penned right. They are way too few and far between...and must be appreciated. Your words have done that.

Charles Elliott/Beautyseer said...

While some get engaged, others feel isolated and passed by and angry, yes. You have encapsulated this well.

Thanks for sharing this read.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Some conversations come easy with strangers, for although we do not want to go with the flow, we falter not to.

A stranger may or may not judge us - but we never know so are never harmed by our honesty.

Nevertheless it is good to remain as you are, the essential you - the problem often is finding a like colleague.

You write wise words my friend.

Anna :o]