Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy at Work?

If people knew what I was thinking
at exactly 10:00 on this Wednesday morning,
they would say that I'm crazy.
They would say that the thoughts in my head
need to immediately leave my thinking
because in this American landscape
I'm in a good place.

But staring out of my window
at exactly 10:00 on this Wednesday morning,
I feel like I'm slowly dying,
the juices within me are stagnant
as I perform my daily tasks
from this corner office
one more time.

I guess I should be happy where I am,
happy that in this American landscape
of job loss and company realignment,
of bigwigs saving theirs by taking from others.
Happy that I'm not of the casualties,
one of the stories of the dream
and how it came crashing down.

But this day and this hour
is just one of those times where
I just don't feel the love
and right now I need to feel the love
because sitting in this corner office
at this hour and at this day
I feel alone.

I'm not happy right now
and I know the paycheck that I'll get
won't help much either
because life is more than dollars and cents.
What's the point of
having dollars and cents
if you feel like you're losing all other sense?


dustus said...

My friend, I can relate to your poem. Just remember, sometimes a landscape isn't as picturesque as "inflated accounts" make it out to be.

Claudia said...

generally i really love my work but still those feelings ring familiar...

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Ahhhh. Yes. Perhaps that is one of the reasons we are poets and we write in community - so we can converse with others who "get it" that the heart of life isn't simply a corner office and being unconscious to what WE know is so....

Heartfelt, admirable and here is a forward looking thought and energy sent to feeling more love in the workplace, for everyone who feels alone as they sit behind desks wondering who else feels this way...

My Wednesday One Shot Poem for today.

Brian Miller said...

love that last question....walked away from corporate life years ago...choked by the what i do now...

Fireblossom said...

The dollars won't fill the empty spot, but they do give you the luxury of contemplating the empty spot instead of scrambling to steal a meal.

Nonetheless, the empty spot is real, and you've described it well.