Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Workday Traffic

Sometimes I forget
I can only go as fast
as the car in front of me,
joining in with the
multitude of motorists
heading along the roadway,
going to wherever their
daily location dictates.
I'm here
driving right along with them
in a mass of repetition.
Some would say
this is a good thing,
but being caught behind and beside
some of these drivers who choose
to go under the speed limit
and staring straight ahead,
unaware of what's surrounding them
sometimes drives me
up a proverbial wall.
I want to go faster.
I want to get to where I need to be
and get out of this mess,
out of this monotomy,
out of this road
which is making me as dull as
the driver next to me.
But the thought passes by
as I finally reach my exit,
finally able to drive
with a little bit of space to myself
and just a little bit closer
to where I need to be.


David said...

I made the decision to stop driving three years ago, and I've never looked back. Thanks for the reminder of why I choose to walk. Your writing really shows the frustration that you felt. Remember to stop, and smell the roses! I'm following your blog now. Thanks for the writing!

C Rose said...

You know its funny we all have cars for the freedom yet we never feel more trapped than when we are in them...great piece! ~ Rose

Brian Miller said...

nice...yeah i get the feel of being boxed in, traffic ack! love getting off on back roads where it is wide open...

Bluebell Books said...

stopped driving,wow.

biking or walking are healthy way to live.
stay faithful to your decision.

Bluebell Books said...


How are you?

Check out our short story slam today,

We love creativity, your contribution is invaulable to us.

Happy Saturday.