Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Voices in my sleep keep me from rest.
These voices speak to me
in all kinds of tones.
Some say I'm good.
Some say I'm just OK.
Some say I suck.
Now in my restlessness
I wonder which one is right.
They all seem to make
very reasonable arguments.
Maybe they're all right.
Maybe they're all wrong.
Maybe I just need to sleep.
But in my head
dreams keep coming up
showing me in all kinds of situations.
I do good,
I do bad,
I live,
and I even die.
It keeps me running
as I toss and turn in my bed.
The minutes tick by
and each one feels like a lifetime.
I try to sleep
but then I awake
and I look at the clock
watching it move
from one minute to the next.
I need to sleep
because tomorrow is approaching.
But these dreams of mine
keep taking up all of my time.
I want to rest
but I'm way too involved.
Are my dreams
trying to tell me something?
Are they
trying to take me somewhere?
I don't know.
I'm trying to decipher them.

But damn,
my alarm just went off.
Tomorrow is here.
Time to get up.

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