Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Friend Out West

It’s always been
about a woman.
He’s never made
any moves without
some possibility of
keeping his bed
warm.  My friend
told me he’s now
out west all because
of someone he knew, said
it didn’t work out and
now he’s trying to make
the best of it.  I
told my friend to say
no more for I already
knew how this story went.
He’ll stay out there
just as long as he can
get laid for he tends to
find more beds when he’s
adrift.  But I knew he’d
decide to go somewhere else
right when he finds himself
running low on sexual healing.   


emmett wheatfall said...

The best poem I've read by you, Vernon. Excellent sir. I love how you told this tale poetically. The last two stanzas really brings the poem together with a subtle but felt punch. Great work my poetic friend.

Denise Golinowski said...

Well done, Vernon. Just the right mix of smart and smarts. Leaves me with a nice mix of emotions.

Brian Miller said...

we have to know what drives us eh? and i wonder if he realizes how predictable he has become? its all about priorities you know...smiles..

Heaven said...

An interesting perspective on the minds of men ~ Is it always about women ?

T.A. Woods said...

It's always about a woman, isn't it?