Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Turn The Tables

is not golden;
it is owed.
So say those
who believe in
keeping the peace,
shouting down
voices that won’t
abide and stating
over and over again
what they believe
is true.  But the
defiant ones that see
through the bullshit
keep finding ways to
make noise, keep
delivering their own
manifestos for they
know that sleepy heads
are arousing, rising from
conformist slumber, ready
to join ranks.  Soon the
waves will come crashing,
drowning out the
status quo.  Then they
will have to make payment
on their owed silence.


Denise Golinowski said...

Hi Vernon! Enjoyed your poem. Owed. Manifestos. Conformist slumber. Make payment on their owed silence. Nice.

Brian Miller said...

i should hope that the slumbering ones are waking...even if i need to shout a little louder....smiles...silence is def not golden...

Stan Ski said...

You don't take first prize for keeping your mouth shut...

Heaven said...

I like the making of noises, the sleepy heads arousing from conformist slumber ~ I have seen this happen before, but it takes guts and courage to follow through ~

lori mcclure said...

I fight against that silence. It seems so many would prefer I keep the peace, but you're right. It's time for sleepy eyes to wake. And silence isn't worth the price you pay for illusions of that peace.

lucychili said...

hope our communities do awake and require change