Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reformed Party Girl

That woman found Jesus,
trading in nights on the town
for mornings at the altar,
draping herself in scripture
instead of the barely-there dresses
she loved to wear under the
dim lights of the club scene.
You can still talk to her
but be careful for you may
have to eat some of your words
normally used for no-holds-barred
conversations for those are
no longer par for the course.
She’s now getting closer to God,
demanding that the next man
who wants company with her to
head down the same road.
It’s a far cry from the
free-wheeling nights where
she and her friends dared to drink
and dance with random men with
reckless abandon.  Today she walks
a straighter line in search of peace
and salvation, trying to leave
all the partying behind.


Claudia said...

so you're talking about me..? smiles..was pretty much my way and i'm glad i made my choices before the life i led at this time could swallow me up... enjoyed...smiles

Denise Golinowski said...

Love the opening gambit and closing move.

Brian Miller said...

sounds like she made quite the transformation...and for the better as well...i walked the dark once...and have a similar redemption story....

Tracy Kuhn Greenlee said...

spoken poetry, i can hear your voice loud and own it..let us each find our way...thank you

Rene Foran said...

You know, you can only get so far on just the sizzle...time comes when you need the steak.

Great write.

AKA said...

I think everybody knows someone like the reformed party girl. This is well-written in few words.

Stan Ski said...

Yeah man... you said it good...

Henry Clemmons said...

Very nice, inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

lori mcclure said...

Sounds as if she's found her peace. I'm a pastor's daughter, so I've seen a few transformations in my day :)

lucychili said...

she seems more mysterious draped in scripture than in dresses and adventures. it must be a big change to make.