Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Night of Drinking

It all started in a strip club,
drinking a beer, watching a
less than attractive brunette try
to coerce dollars from the men
sitting around the stage.
Too bad she couldn’t dance a lick,
the only person tipping her
a weathered old man wearing
faded denim and a trucker’s cap
with a rebel flag on it.
That’s when I saw him,
an acquaintance from years before.
We met at a bachelor party for
a mutual friend, a sordid affair
where ten young males
drank themselves to oblivion
as we watched a stripper do things
to Life Savers and quarters that
none of us had ever seen before.
Remembering that started our
conversation, a talk about nothing
in particular, just as another duo
of less than average women
sauntered in front of us, ready
to dance. Then he made a proposal:
We would blow this place and
hit the town; I was driving, he
was buying.  Of course I did what
any other young, red-blooded,
up-for-anything male would do;
I got ready to drive. 


Brian Miller said...

you might be lucky yo have escaped memories man...there were days...there were days....smiles

Denise Golinowski said...

Guess it goes to show it's a small world and things are less glamorous than we think. Hopefully you had a good time. Sadly, I'll be wondering about those Life Savers and quarters for the rest of the day, but don't think I lack imagination.

Claudia said...

haha...denise's comment cracks me up cause i was also trying to imagine what she did with those life savers and quarters..haha..oh my...smiles

Vernon Wildy, Jr said...

@Denise...sorry to stick bad thoughts in your mind. Did this make you blush?

Natasha Head said...

Lucky to escape...or unlucky that we have grown fuzzier than our memories...still smiling

Susan Daniels said...

:) Another deviant joining in with Claudia and Dennis. What DID they do with those? Anyway, like the poem, lots.

John (@bookdreamer) said...

Nice dark narrative with twists

hedgewitch said...

This proves that one can never underestimate the attraction of the sordid and less than average, incomprehensible as it may be to those of the female persuasion. Still, we have our own little kickshaws to play with. Enjoyed it much.

ayala said...

Fun memories captured....

emmett wheatfall said...

We men should amaze ourselves...and with only a true friend to we do impromptu things. Enjoy your poetic narrative. I'm following your work on openlink.

Mama Zen said...

I enjoyed this a lot!