Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Single woman
hedging her bets,
placing men in
each male
serving a parti-
cular purpose,
never to extend
outside their box.
One for fun,
one for dinner,
one for outings,
one for sex,
or however
she chooses to
align it all for
her convenience.
But if one man
chooses his own
feelings over his
duty, her replies
turn cold, laying
down an icy path
for him to skate
back to home base.
His only choice:
stay or go.
stay and keep
his place for her
comfort or go
away, maybe for
another lady who’ll
appreciate him.


Brian Miller said...

life all boxed up, not one i want...knowing i am only good to turn one trick and a step out of line might be off with my head...

Natasha Head said...

Awesome piece! Unique perspective on a too true reality for many...loved it

emmett wheatfall said...

Awe! Really, really, good my man. I love the topic. The way you break things out into individual perspectives and reasoning. Good write. Hope you visit my blog as well.

emmett wheatfall said...

Vernon, I can relate to your poetic testimony. Well written is your poem. I know I get it. More importantly, I too believe what your saying. It is our hope in this life. Keep writing poetry my man, you have so much yet unsaid,sir.