Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

University Games

Teenagers made into saviors,
coaches treated like gods,
and the rest pray
at the altar of the stadiums.
Services will be conducted
on Saturday afternoons
or Thursday nights
or whatever day and time
the television cameras indicate.
The believers make their pilgrimage
to these hallowed fields
as they are called and
they make a joyful noise
for the game that is to come.
The believers hope and pray
that this year's version
of saviors and gods
can get them all the way
to the promised land,
the land of Championship Games,
the land of crystal balls
and large banners,
where the winners get the spoils
and all the bragging rights.
But what of the other teenagers
who reside on the campuses
and wear their colors proudly
but don't play the games?
The believers have no time for them
for they are mere mortals.
They can't take the congregation
to the promised land
for their talents aren't the same.
They are not the saviors
and not coached by the gods.
The believers care only for
the stadium chants
and the stadium songs
and the staidum performances
and this year's team
getting to the promised land.


Brian Miller said...

ha it is def that way during football season and if you take their lords name in vain...boy you are in for a whooping...ha...nice write man!

Quirina said...

I like the metaphor of religion and sport. How true this is.