Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Friday, February 17, 2012

To Know

The preacher says,
"Get it out of your mind!
You're living in sin."
This is the message
for this Sunday morning sermon.
The preacher is
pacing back and forth
on his pulpit stage
telling his congregation
that carnal knowledge
is not allowed
if one is truly a believer.
He points to the Good Book
and how it says that "sex"
is denoted by the words
"to know",
as in man "knows" woman
and woman "knows" man
but only in the matters of
marriage and
creating a family.

And I keep thinking
that as a single man,
I guess I can't get
"to know" anyone
and I should pray
for my own forgiveness
because I got
"to know" women before.
And I must be
the worst of the worst
because I read a poem
written by a female poet
and it was all about lust
and those initmate moments
that make time stand still
and makes clocks evaporate.
And I liked the poem,
making me wish
that I could get
"to know" a woman like that.


Brian Miller said...

haha...i have read a few poems that made me feel the need to know...smiles....

Sheila said...

To know or not- is that kind of like "to be or not to be?" (smiles)