Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Friday Night Shopping

Grocery shopping
down long aisles of
semi-stocked shelves
while in intermitted
moments bumping into
wayward souls just
like myself, everyone
looking hangdog tired
or distantly lonely, each
having their own reasons
to be wandering about
for food items.  This
isn’t the ideal time to be
here but I know for myself
this is way better than
being planted in front
of the television, watching
another bland crime show.
There was no one around
to ask me to join in any
jaunts into the city, so instead
I’m here.  At least this
gives me something to do,
my dinner and a movie
substitute.  Call me crazy
but sometimes in a life of
singlehood you have to do
uncommon things to
make yourself occupied.


Claudia said...

i know what you mean..usually at home with the fam there's always action but when i was in california on business for 4 weeks, there was just i and my hotel room if i didn't agreed to meet with some colleagues to go to the movies or out for dinner... i kinda like observing people in supermarkets....

Denise Golinowski said...

Enjoyed your poem very much, Vernon. A smart person takes pleasure in the mundane as much as the magical. Or perhaps it about finding the magical in the mundane. Looks like you did both. Thanks!

Stacy said...

Such a thought provoking poem and one that I can certainly relate to. Thank you!

Marilyn Cavicchia said...

I like it! Supermarkets at odd times are so rich with potential to write about.

Brian Miller said...

smiles...there are times in marriedhood you do the same...especially after kids...we play games often, well most every night giving reason to talk as well...and put m int he super market and you will find me crying in the corner...haha...

Outlawyer said...

Yes - that is true. And Brian is right too! Sweet poem though. k.

Outlawyer said...

The above Outlawyer is Manicddaily on wordpress. I do not use that blog.