Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Taken For Granted

She told me
men were two-timing
cheating dogs.
She told me
that and in the process,
I felt wounded.
I know it wasn’t
me who she was
talking about, but
I felt her misguided
bullets tearing though
my manhood and I
don’t think she saw
the holey hell she
caused in her statement.
Then I asked her,
What about me?
wondering since in her eyes,
men were two-timing
cheating dogs if I
was a dog myself.
She tried to gloss it over,
said I was a good guy friend
but the damage was done
and she found no need to
tend to my wounds.  I
didn’t feel like a man then
and she sure as hell didn’t
try to treat me like one. 
Maybe it wasn’t him
that was the problem
but her, she taking her
men for granted.




Brian Miller said...

we all fall prey to these overgeneralities...and we pay the price for the dickheads that cause the generalities as well...i feel you man...all too real...

Outlawyer said...

Agree with Brian, but from the woman's perspective! People have a hard time not generalizing. k .

*p.s. I am Manicddaily -, but I think your blog is going to require me to use an old blogger clog that I never truly use. k.