Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Open Mic at Art6 Gallery

Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness

Crazy is
being immersed in this
time of year called March Madness,
cheering your head off

for teams and players
you know nothing about
as they beat the teams
you know all too well,

the ones who get every game
broadcasted nationwide
with players who have
national notoriety even before
they set foot on campus,

the ones with distinctive
color schemes and rally cheers,
traditions and histories,
those well-known images that capture
the imagination of the masses,

even the players from the
school you know nothing about,
playing out of the spotlight
but playing nonetheless
for a shot to play along

in those three weeks of March,
where only a select few
get to travel to
neutral sites, playing on
neutral courts for one objective:

Be first to get to six wins.

That's why it's Madness.
Anything can happen here.
Both favorites and Cinderellas
dance next to each other
hoping to be the last standing,

hoping that at the end
of all of this hoopla,
they get to cut down the nets
and let the confetti fall
as they raise the trophy to the sky.


Brian Miller said...

dude one of my fav times of year...was so happy to see duke tarheels are in for a hurt though with all the hurt players you know...i thought we had a chance this year too...

mrs mediocrity said...

it's serious march madness at my house, this made me smile...